Prophecy About CWOI.

At the onset of CWOI two prophetic words were given concerning the organisation. These are:

• CWOI is a Maternity Room (Delivery Room). It was declared that in our meetings women who are spiritually pregnant will give birth to their calling, gifting, and destinies.

• CWOI is a Power Station. It was also declared that God had deposited great power in the organisation and that He would empower and anoint women to go and fulfill their destinies.

So far we have experienced great transformations which are taking place in the lives of our members. Individuals are recognising their calling and gifting, they are becoming empowered to walk with God to fulfil what they are actually here on earth to achieve. Women are repositioning themselves and realigning themselves to walk with God. Many are gaining confidence and boldness to operate in their calling. Through our meetings there are some who are developing skills and ability to hear directly from God on a daily basis. A lot of our members through our mentoring pathway programme are refocusing their lives to make their calling and election sure. Since the outset CWOI has indeed seen a lot of labour room experiences. We have been midwives to these women that have been given birth, praise the Lord.

Also the prophesy which came forth that CWOI is a Power Station is not an exaggeration. One need only to come to one of our meetings to experience the intensity of the power of God present in our meeting rooms. Many a time, individuals can hardly stand on their legs because of the presence of God in the room. All glory to his holy name. There is such energy, such power, such glory in reality. Thank God for his unspeakable gifts.