Join the National Women’s Day of Prayer Network [NWDP].

Unity is power, let’s encourage things that will work for our unity. 1 Corinthians 12:12-26

No matter what organisation, church or ministry we have, we are called to be in a body of Christ. Unity and diversity in the body is the very heart of what the body of Christ is all about. It is essential that we know ourselves and have some form of idea where each one of us are located. It is also important to know what our ministries and organisations and groups specialise in, so that we can better serve our communities and our nation overall. It is obvious that women’s ministries, groups and organisations are doing great works and this needs to be recognised and celebrated at some point.

Having a network where all the women’s organisations, groups and ministries are located and what they do will help to make the body of Christ work more efficiently and become more effective in servicing their community and their world overall.

The Benefits of Joining the Network.

• We can signpost individuals to a more tailored ministry that best suits their need.
• Being in a network helps us form friendship and do things together with those ministries, groups and organisations that have a similar focus as we do.
• There will be cost savings as groups, ministries and organisations do things together.
• Increased synergy due to engaging with one another.
• Lacking shield with each other, will increase our spiritual strength.

How to Register.

To register to the NWDP network submit your details here request the registration form or email the NWDP team at