Committed to Mentoring, Motivating, Building, Equipping and Empowering Saints for Christ.

CWOI members come from a wide range of different churches and denominations. The number of members is increasing all the time as the vision and news of what God is doing with CWOI spreads. We believe that as churches recognise the need to unite and work together for the betterment of the Body of Christ we will see the power of God return to his body the church.

Target Groups.

• All women Bishops, Pastors and all women in the positions of leadership of a church or Christian ministries.
• It also targets any Christian mature and seasoned woman who believes that she wants to make a difference in this generation and knows that there is a calling on her life.

Monthly Meetings.

CWOI groups meet on a minimum of once monthly and some gather more often. In our meetings we have a series of study topics which help to establish and build Christian character in us.


CWOI members make special efforts to attend to each others spiritual, physical, and emotional needs. We attend with care, love, and compassion to issues that affect our members on a daily basis and aim to give support whenever needed. We also pray for one another as members of one family and we are all accountable to each other. We are to be our “brother’s keeper” in every way possible. The bible also says we should exalt one another while there is still day.


To become a member individuals have to complete a registration form and submit together with the annual fee of £10 for UK members the amount will vary from one country to another. The registration fee helps to cover administration costs.

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Our Conduct.

• All sisters must endeavour to keep the unity of the spirit by making sure each stay clear of strife, malice, argument and discord.
• CWOI’s meeting are not to be used as a platform for personal or church advertisements, promotion or any sales propaganda. Every announcement, leaflets, or other materials to the members must be sanctioned by the co-ordinators before it is distributed to the members.
• Every member of CWOI must function as a member of a team this will enhance unity among us.
• It is required that any personal issues discussed during the meeting must be confidential to the members that were present at the time. This is so that purity can be maintained.
• It is important that members who are unable to attend a meeting inform their co-coordinator so that we can account for the welfare of members at all times
• Issues such as marriages, birth, death, etc which affect any of the CWOI’s member should be passed immediately to the Welfare Co-ordinator so that appropriate action can be taken.
• In the case of an argument/dispute between members, the individuals concerned must settle it themselves before any third party hears of it. If this has been attempted but there is still friction, this must be reported to the co-ordinator immediately so that it can be resolved as soon as possible. Where the guilty party refuses to co-operate with the settlement, the sister may be suspended from the CWOI for a period of time.
• All individuals details held by CWOI must be kept under strict confidence. Individual’s details must not be used for any other use other than CWOI’s use only.
• A member can be asked to leave the organisation, where it is evident that she is not acting in the interest of CWOI.