Christian Spiritual Mentoring & Empowering Programme.

It is a reality that many people feel a sense of purpose and recognise a deep calling in their lives but yet are unable to breakthrough.

CSMEP is a 6 weeks intense programme that will help you to deal with the issues hindering you and reposition you for spiritual success. On the CSMEP programme we will work with you to identify the problems and remove the blockages so that you can receive your desired breakthrough.

What the Programme Entails.

• Diagnostic test-working with the client
• Topical Studies/Teaching both for UK clients and for internet register client.
• one to one- involves prayer (deliverance prayer if required)
• Group session
• Assessment

CSMEP also assists churches and Christian organisations in building and equipping their current leaders and potential leaders to be efficient in their roles through training, mentorship programmes, and seminars.

For more details contact us for our information pack on 07549249987, 07570230285, email:, or click here.