Who We Are.

Thank you for visiting the CWOI Christian Women of Influence website. We are an interdenominational organisation working across churches, denominations, and cultures to build the armies of God.

We are an organisation that mentors and develops women to become mentored so that they can empower other women in their churches. It is our aim to see women rise to their full potential in Christ. We want to ensure that every woman knows the reason why they are on the earth and to ensure that they spend their time achieving their purpose for being created.

What We Do.

Meetings, Mentoring, Missions, And More. Get involved in our Ministries – it will change your life.

CWOI Meetings.

Christian Women of Influence mentoring meetings take place once a month in various locations around the UK and are an opportunity for our members to learn, share, support one another, and be equipped in their calling.


Members all over the world are invited to take part.


Join the National Women’s Day of Prayer Network [NWDP]